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If you photography, you'll our featured classes from Please Don't Say Cheese!

please don't say cheese

Please Don't Say Cheese was created to teach ordinary people to take extraordinary photos - with practical and inspirational workshops, online courses and free tips and tricks.

Imagine if you could take beautiful photos time after time - photos that truely capture forever those moments that matter. Well you can! Anyone can take great photos!

You don't need a professional camera to take beautiful, meaningful and important photos. Start with a digital SLR, a point-and-shoot compact camera or even your phone. Add some creativity, lots of love and a little guidance and you too can create great photographs!

the classroom

Today is Different is the lifestyle classroom that hosts Please Don't Say Cheese photography classes... if your goal is to be rich... in achievement, in contentment, in knowledge, in adventure and in joy you're in the right place!

camera basics: beginners level 1

one simple step at a time

You'll receive 6 easy to understand online tutorials along with step-by-step activities to complete. You'll be guided through practicing each individual lesson, allowing you to progress through the course, grow your confidence and improve your skills one simple step at a time.

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Robyn Mayne [PDSC]
Robyn Mayne [PDSC]
Robyn Mayne [PDSC]
Robyn Mayne [PDSC]
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